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4Hawks Raptor XR Antenna for Mavic Mini

by 4Hawks
Original price $149.00 - Original price $278.00
Original price
$149.00 - $278.00
Current price $149.00
Designed for Mavic Mini

Designed for drone enthusiasts, Dji Mavic Mini is perfect for holiday trips. Its long range and lond battery life allows its user to reach places that were earlier completely inaccessible, such as deep forests, canyons, lakes etc. The built-in camera allows recording videos in very good quality.

4Hawks antenna for Dji Mavic Mini model is highly advanced, operating in both 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz frequencies The concept behind the look of the antenna was to make it look like it was a part of the drone by default. Entire construction is 100% UV protected to assure longevity of the equipment. Additionally, part of the construction is made of aluminum to make the whole construction as light as possible. Mounting is made of stainless steel for rock solid stability. Mounting the range extender leads to permanent changes with the remote controller. The entire set is lightweight and uniform (without any loose equipment pieces). Changing the direction of the antenna shouldn’t cause any difficulties, as the system was designed in a way that allows quick position change with just a single “click”. This way you can be sure that you do not lose the connection with your drone.

// Please note - Standard antenna is delivered with 15cm aerial RPSMA-RPSMA cables to connect the controller with the antenna. It is possible though, to use longer cables for remote antenna installation.
Please contact our staff to ask for 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m or 20m optional serial cables.
On special request, we are also able to customize the cable lenghts for you, so please ask our staff at support[at]4hawks.com e-mail address for support. //

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
robert beller
four Hawks XR antenna for Mavic Mini

trust me you do not want my review on this.... granite it does look cool as a controller mod... but I literally see no difference then the stock antennas other than $160 cool looking block on the top of my controller that no longer fits in my custom bag... so if you're worried about looks get it if you're worried about production or results stick to the stock antennas literally no difference

Juan carlos Alvarez
Amazing product they promised and delivered!!!

I had fun installing the new antennas and your videos online helped. The increase of quality and distance for the antenna is surreal. Amazing product.!!! I wish the bracket was different.

Great performance poor bracket

I love this antenna , it out performs all other antennas I have had . The only complaint I have is the mounting bracket is way too narrow for this huge platform . If it the bracket were a lot
wider where it attaches to the antenna it would
be a lot more stable and less wobbly . I built my own mount with industrial Velcro and it is very firm . Works a lot better than that little bitty bracket .