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Autel Robotics EVO II FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Instock NOW!


FoxFury D100 Spotlight/Search Light

The D100 Spotlight provides EVO II users 2,300 lumens of focused lighting with a directed 15° beam making its working altitude 200 feet while being able to provide a 60 foot wide illuminated area. Weighing in at 346 grams or 12.2 ounces, the D100 is lightweight whilst minimizing it's impact on the EVO II's overall flight time. The runtime of the D100 is about 70 minutes and is water resistant. The D100's tremendous light output makes it ideal for search and rescue as well as overwatch use applications.


EXOLANDER is best described as an exoskeleton mounting apparatus that securely interfaces with the EVO II aircraft similar to the FoxFury Lighting Kit for EVO II, but provides far more mounting points, 10 to be precise, and also serves as landing gear/feet for the EVO II. Most importantly, the EXOLANDER serves as the mounting framework that enables the D100 Spotlight to be mounted to the EVO II while maintaining a proper CG (Center of Gravity). The mounting points on EXOLANDER provide great flexibility for the mounting of additional accessories or other FoxFury lights such as the D10 or D3060 with the potential for far more accessories in the future. Best of all, it's fast and easy to deploy an EVO II in the field with EXOLANDER as it can be attached and removed on the EVO II aircraft without the need for any tools.

Payload Delivery System

Lastly, the EXOLANDER is built to be used with the Payload Delivery System. This system was designed for an in collaboration with public safety and search and rescue drone pilots by enabling these first responders to drop a payload such as a radio, life preserver, inflatable ring, blanket, water bottle or first aid kit.

The very lightweight system is designed to carry safely lines and has been tested pulling over 400 feet of 550 paracord to a swimmer in the ocean.


Customer Reviews

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Murray Estes
A little weak for a flood light for night ocean rescues but overall I love Foxfury D100

However, will buy two additional lights for autel evo pro 2 - Foxfury D3060 This should incease the night light coverage.

Thanks for all your help.

Honolulu, Hawaii