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Command Case Mini


The Command Case Mini offers you the convenience of a compact ground station,  but maintains the ultimate mix of range, comfort, and power!

This system includes a hard-shell case which is a self contained, dual amp source with its own built in 3000 mah battery. You will also receive the mod kit for the DJI Aircraft/RC you select as well as a 9dbi gain directional panel and a 5dbi gain omni directional antenna set.

As always our systems are quick connect and can be used with or without amplification on multiple aircraft RCs.​ The Command Case Mini is designed for most DJI drones that are Phantom 3 Advanced and above.


  • 5 dBi Omni Directional Antennas
  • 9 dBi Directional Panel
  • Quick Connect jacks 
  • Proprietary T-Lock Mounting System
  • Compact (NANUK 903)
  • QMA Quick Connect Cables
  • Built-in 3000 mah Battery
  • Built-in Voltage/Battery % Display
  • Operates in 2.4 Ghz Band
  • Integrated Tripod Threads On The Bottom (1/4-20)
  • Magnetic Mount In The Lid For Your Tablet Or Phone


If you purchase the additional 4Hawks range extender it will be modified with a T-lock so the booster can be used with any Titan Drones products that has a T-lock

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great build

Bought a command case mini. These are built to order. Quality work, and the best customer service, Bar none!! Doubled my range, through dense forest. Haven’t had a chance to truly test it. I’m most definitely going to be a return customer.


There aren’t many uav antenna web guys out there, with great products that is. My patience got uav-maxxed out and took a beating a few years back when ordering from another joint. To the point I would just hold off ordering from them again.
I contacted this dude on west coast time. And he responded past midnight central time with comprehensive answers to all my questions. Heck yea I’ll blow $$$ on a great product if the seller has a passion for his products. And the decency to respond and respect my investments

Freaking outstanding

I bought the COMMAND CASE MINI and it worked flawlessly the first time. I was part of a search and recovery team and I was able to fly my Mavic air 3 miles out and hover 20ft off the ground, 3 MILES OUT 20ft OFF THE GROUND! that is some badass penetration and I only lost one bar on my signal. This case is a must-have and it'll change the way you fly your aircraft, it's small, light, and easy to carry. I like the option to be able to switch between panels and whipped antenna.

The customer service is top over the top and if you have a question Luke is there to educate and help you make the right choice that's best for YOU and he doesn't try to upsell you or push anything onto you either.

You can't go wrong here, thank Luke.

A+ Customer Service!!

Covert Drones will not let you down. I promise!!!! A+ Customer Service.