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Autel Evo ii Smart Controller Version 2 ONLY In stock ready to ship!


There is now only going to be version 2 units available. All version 1 units have been spoken for.  V2 is only going to be compatible with the v2 Evo ii units and, not downward compatible. 

Simplicity, Clarity, Control.

  •  7.9'' Retina Display
  • Maximum 2000 nit
  • 4.5 operating hour brightness 

Portable, efficient, and easy to use 

2000 nit super-bright screen 

Autel Smart Controller's built in display is twice as bright as the next leading competitor and 4 times brighter than a conventional cell phone screen. The 7.9-inch QHD display offers anti-glare coatings and provides easy visibility under direct sunlight. 

4.5h Ultra-long battery life 

The 5800mAh Lithium-ion battery within lasts up to 4.5 hours in continuous use and supports 2-hour fast charging. The Smart Controller is ready to met your demands in aerial operation for those long days out in the field. 

128GB Internal memory 

Ample internal storage allows more than enough space for media and flight logs without the need of an external storage. Autel Smart Controller offers additional SD Card support for up to 1TB- more than enough for all your video and photo needs. 

-20~40°C working temperature 

Bigger heatsinks allow the Smart Controller to operate with a wider temperature range- giving you a more stable, reliable operation in extreme environments without overheating or freezing. 

Customized OS System 

The Smart Controller runs on a customized Android system and supports additional flexibility for third party system workflow by allowing users to download additional third party apps and can allows users create their own exclusive operating system. 

8-core processor 

Samsung Exynos 8895 8-core processor endows the smart controller to play 4K/60fps H.265 and H265 videos smoothly.

 Supersharp, high brightness display

The 7.9-inch Ultra-HD (2048*1536) touch screen offers true tone technology and provides easy visibility under direct sunlight. Autel's Smart Controller's built in display at 2000 nits is 4 times brighter than a conventional cell phone screen and offers true tone technology, which dynamically adjusts the white balance of the display to deliver the best viewing experience for the pilot in any lighting environment. 

Long Distance HD image transmission 

The latest iteration of Autel Robotics proprietary image transmission technol- ogy has allowed for HD 1080P video transmission as far as 8.08 miles (13km) with low latency. Dual band support and automatic frequency changing ensures signal stability in high interference environments. 

13km Image transmission distance.

 Long battery life 

The Smart Controller's 5800mAh large capacity lithium battery guarantees up to 4.5 hours of continuous use for those long days out on the field. The 2 hour fast charge capability allows you to get back to action quickly.

Sleek and Portable 

The controller weighs in at 1150g and comes with removable joysticks and storage so it can be tucked into a carrying bag with ease. 

Premium Material, Rugged Design 

The back of the controller is made from reinforced composites and 3D laser engraved for improved ergonomics, grip, and durability. 

Multi-Port Output 

HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C ports allows for live streaming with 4G/5G network modules. 

SMA connectors allows the antennas to be detachable and replaced or upgraded with SMA compatible third party devices. 




Image Transmission

Max Signal Transmission Distance
(No interference, No obstacles)

FCC:13 km CE: 7 km

MIC:7 km SRRC:7 km



*Working Frequency:

Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Display, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Support 2 x 2 MIMO Wi-Fi

2.400 - 2.4835 GHz; 5.150 - 5.250GHz; 5.650 - 5.755GHz; 5.725 ‒ 5.850 GHz; 902 - 928MHz


Name: Intelligent Li-ion battery Capacity:5800mAh Voltage:11.55V
Battery Type:Li-ion

Battery Energy:67 Wh Charging time:120 min

Operating Hours

~ 3h (Max Brightness)
~ 4.5 h (50% Brightness)

Internal Storage


Video Output port


USB-A Voltage/Current

5V / 2A

Operating Environment Temp

-20°C to 40°C

Storage temperature

-20°C to 60°C (within a month)
-20°C to 45°C (between one to three months) -20°C to 23°C (one year)

Charging Environment Temp

0°C to 40°C

*Supported Aircrafts

EVO II Series EVO II RTK Series EVO II Enterprise

Satellite Positioning Module

GPS + GLONASS + Galileo


303×190×87mm (with antenna folded) 303×273×87mm (with antenna unfolded)


1150g (without protection case) 1250g (with protection case)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Don B.
Great Improvement over the Autel Standard Controller -- Image Transmission Needs Big Improvement

Having only flown Autel platforms, I find the Smart Controller very nice and definitely not too big or heavy – as seems to be the common complaint from those use to other brands.

The Smart Controller routinely provides better turning and gimbal control than can be achieved on the regular Autel Remote controller, and the screen can clearly be seen in the brightest of sunlight.

Needing Improvement: The image transmission range of my Version 2 Smart Controller breaks up at distances my standard controller handled with no problems: the Smart Controller’s Connectivity and GPS signal strength icons show solid full- or near full-strength connectivity during these times when the image transmission totally breaks up and or freezes, thereby rendering the Smart Controller’s utility severely hampered. And should the aircraft become temporarily disconnected from the Smart Controller, it takes a minimum of 5-10 seconds longer for connectivity and useable image transmission to be reestablished than it does on the standard Remote controller. So if you’re thinking of getting the Smart Controller to fly longer distances than can be achieved with the standard Remote controller – don’t count on it no matter what the Autel specification sheet is touting.

Summary: straight out of the box, the Smart Controller has strong pros and worrisome misses. If soon-coming firmware updates can correct the aforementioned problems, I’d gladly give this unit a 5 instead of 3-stars rating.

Minor gripe: the 3-point Chest Harness strap has bare metal connectors which will most likely and quickly scratch off the paint of the Smart Controller at the connecting points. Since I've not really found a need for using the Chest Harness during any full day of flying (from daybreak to dusk), I've not bothered to gen up any additional velcro strap extenders to alleviate this problem. (Given no one is going to be showing off their Smart Controller in equivalent car show setting, but there's no use in needlessly having paint scratched off due to a design oversight.)

Michael S
Clear and bright

So far I like the smart controller it's size size is nice compared to a cell phone the screen is very bright and and you definitely need to use the strap lose the strap to hang around your neck while controlling it it's pretty heavy.