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Drone Repair


Did you just crash your favorite Christmas/Birthday present? Or perhaps your Gimble is a bit out of whack?

We all know that things happen when flying your drone. The wind picks up and pushes it into a tree. You get more comfortable with flying and want to test out your acrobatic skills.

Stories like this and more can result in broken gimbals, lost propellers, cracked outer shells. When (not if) this happens to you, don't worry! Covert Drones will get your drone back in the air. Feel free to contact us via email at info@covertdrones.com with any inquires on repair.

We will review your e-mail and get back to you within 24 hours, most times the same business day!

Drone Services We Offer:

  • Cable Replacement
  • Outer Shell Replacement
  • Camera Filter
  • ND/UV Replacement
  • Gimbal Replacement
  • Propeller Replacement

Choosing to bring your damaged drone to a Covert Drones specialist is definitely in your best interest. We pride ourselves on our ability to restore your damaged DJI Phantom, Mavic, Spark or Inspire in a timely fashion and provide reasonable prices.

Our top priorities are to provide our customers with excellent customer service, impeccable product quality, and innovative thinking.

Drone Parts (To Help Describe Damage)

  • Body Set/Shell – Protective Covering surrounding the drone’s innards.
  • Controller – The device which directs the drone
  • CW and CCW – Often the motors and propellers of a drone need to be specific to the direction the motors are turning. CW stands for clockwise and CCW stands for counterclockwise. During assembly or if you need to replace a part, you need to be aware of the distinction.
  • ESC – Electronic Speed Controller
  • Gimbal – A gimbal is the mount on which a drone’s camera sits, usually allowing the camera to move along multiple axes by remote control. This offers a wider range of angles for the aerial photographer or videographer.
  • Landing Gear – Landing gear comes in various sizes (tall/short), and is the undercarriage of an aircraft, including the wheels or pontoons on which it rests while not in the air.
  • LiPo Battery – A Lithium Polymer Battery gives power to the drone. Specs will list the flying time (how long the battery will last) without additional equipment, such as a gimbal and camera. So when flying with these things, the battery life will be a little shorter.
  • Prop Guard – fits around the propellers to protect them if the drones bumps into something.
  • Throttle – A throttle is the control(s) on your radio transmitter, changing the speed of the motors.
  • Worm Servo – Connects the drone to the landing gear

Whether your drone serves a specific purpose or great hobby, we understand how frustrating it is when it stops doing what it needs to do – especially when it’s a problem that you can’t pinpoint.

If you aren’t sure what is happening with your drone, you have Covert Drones to turn to!


Labor rates are $75 dollars an hour and labor is charged by the half hour not the hour. Why pay for an hour on work that only took 30 minutes?  We are fair and fast!  If we can't fix it you don't pay!

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