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Tactical S Ground Station


The Tactical S Ground Station is an all-in-one solution for your UAV. It will protect your drone from damage.


It comes in a new sleek matte black color and has some great added features. Such as, using your tablet with the OEM cable to charge your batteries and built in magnets on the lid to hold your tablet. 


  • Built in Power Port to power the case
  • Magnetic mounting and quick release cabling
  • Launch Pad Included
  • Sunshade Included
  • RC Mod Kit Included
  • Whip Antenna System Included
  • Power Cable Included
***The Tactical S has no internal battery. It is powered using an aircraft battery or a power bank***

Customer Reviews

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Impressive Customer Service

I haven't been so impressed with customer service in such a long time as I have been with Covert Drones. I had seen the advertisement for the 4Hawks Antenna, and there was a link to message. So I clicked the link. Right away I got a message back asking if they could help. I assumed it was someone sitting in a cubical so I asked questions. Being an avid drone flyer, I know some about drones but not the new tech stuff, mods to improve flight. After going back and forth for a while, I learned that I wasn't talking to just "someone", I was talking to the owner of the company. Who does that anymore? He is in the states and does what he promises. There are all types of gimmicks out there, all types of people trying to make a fast buck, but I can promise you, Greg from Wichita Ks, this company is the real deal, and I will buy from them again. Thank you Lucas for being one of the good guys out there. Gt

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